General Directorate of Metrology is a public and specialized institution which possesses the skills and needed expertise to be used as a reference for all traceability of measurements in Albania.


 Metrology is the science of measurement and one of the components of the quality infrastructure needed in every developed country, as it has a significant impact on the standards… more


The DPM objective of quality policy is the establishment, coordination and management of the National Metrology System in the the Republic of Albania. Since 2008, DPM has implemented a quality management system…more 


One of the missions of the General Directorate of Metrology is consumer protection, through the control of measuring instruments in the areas of official and commercial transactions…more





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DPM Structures services

  • Verification services
  • Approvals of measuring instruments type
  • Authorizations for performing metrological services
  • Register of approvals of measuring instruments type, legally controlled by DPM

Services Sectors

  • Service Sector No.1 (Qendra Rajonale Tiranë)
    Address: Rr. Sami Frashëri, nr. 33, Tiranë
  • Service Sector No.2 (Qendra Rajonale Fier)
    Address: Lagjia 1 Maji, zona sizmike, Fier
  • Service Sector No.3 (Qendra Rajonale Veriore) 
    Address: Ishull Lezhë
  • Service Sector No.4 (Qendra Rajonale Korçë)
    Address: Blloku i ri i sportit, pranë Dorkas