Laboratory of humidity

The laboratory of humidity measurements ensures the traceability of humidity measurements in our country in the range 10-90% of relative humidity and temperature. The laboratory is capable to ensure traceability in the following quantities:

–    Two pressure humidity generator ;
–    Dew point meter;
–    Climatic chamber operating in temperature range from -40 0C to +95 0C, and relative humidity range from 10 to 95%.

The laboratory is able to provide traceability in the following sizes:

Dew Point Meter Measuring limits: -90 ° C to + 90 ° C (-130 → 194 ° F)

Maximum pressure: 17 bar (250 PSI)

Temperature measurement: 4 conductors 100 Ω PRT

Two-pressure humidifier Limits of Humidity Measurement: 10% to 95%

Limits of temperature measurements: 10 oC to 40 oC Climate Room DY110

Temperature limits: -40 oC to +180 oC

Limits of relative humidity measurement: 10% to 98%.

At primary level, the laboratory performs calibrations of various environmental thermometers such as liquid glass thermometers, industrial thermometers, digital thermometers / thermometers with analogue reading, thermostats calibration, climatic rooms, data loggers, thermo-hygrometers, hygrometers and so on. In addition to the standards, the laboratory also has other auxiliary instruments such as multimeters, temperature indicators as well as PT100 temperature sensors.

The laboratory has a steadily growing performance.