Laboratory of electrical quantities

Laboratory of electrical quantities in DPM maintains the national measurement standards of electrical quantities.

The main aim of this laboratory is to ensure the traceability of electrical quantities to the SI system units.

Actually, this laboratory can provide traceability of the following quantities:

–    Electrical resistance
–    Continuous current and voltage
–    AC current and voltage.

In order to carry out the main activities, this laboratory is equipped with the necessary measuring instruments, such as:

–    reference voltage standard Fluke 732B
–    reference standards of electrical resistance 742A-1 and 742A-10K
–    universal calibrator Fluke 5720A
–    digital multimeter Fluke 8508A
–    reference divider Fluke 752A
–      direct current bridge of DC standard resistance bridge  Guideline 9975
–    Air temperature bath of Canadian company, Guideline 5032, for the maintenance of  standard resistors.

The traceability is ensured through direct calibration of the abovementioned instruments in a National Metrology Institute which has declared CMCs in BIPM KCDB in support of calibrations.

Electrical laboratory provides the following services:

1. Measurements in DC current and voltage:
–    Calibration of measurement instruments up to 1100 V and voltage sources DC up to 1000 V.
–    Calibration of measurement instruments up to 11 A and current sources 20 A.
2. Measurements in AC current and voltage:
–    Calibration of voltage measurement instruments up to 1100 V, with frequency from 10 Hz to 10 KHz and voltage sources up to 1000 V and frequency from 1 Hz to 300 kHz.
–    Calibration of current measurement instruments up to 11 A and frequency from 10 Hz to 10 kHz and current sources up to 20A and frequency up to 100 kHz.
3. Resistance
–    Laboratory has a set of resistors of values in range from 1 Ω up to 10 MΩ, which is used for measurement traceability, as well as for working resistors. Calibration of standard resistances is made by bridge or reference multimeter, for values up to 20 GΩ.

The electrical measurement laboratory has a mobile control stand for electrical energy meters. This stand is a product of the German company MTE, type PTS 400.3, with accuracy class 0.02. The stand will ensure the control of single and three phase electrical energy meters, of active and reactive power, electronic and induction type energy meters with accuracy class up to 0.5.