Consumer Protection

One of the missions of the General Directorate of Metrology is the protection of consumers by organizing control of measuring instruments in the areas of official and commercial transactions, health protection, environment and technical safety, as well as quantitative control of pre-packages.

To accomplish this mission, DPM uses preventive and punitive measures, adopting and verifying the measuring instruments and fine abusers.

Metrological inspection is the control carried out in connection with the manufacture, import, installation, storage and repair of meter instruments. The main activity of the Metrology Inspection Department is to carry out inspections on:

  • Measuring instruments in use and in the market
  • Correct the use of measurement units
  • Quantity of pre-packaged products


When the inspector proves a violation of the provisions of the Law “On Metrology”, he has the right to impose an administrative fine and to require the subject to take measures to correct the violations within a certain time limit.

The metrological inspection is exercised at any time, without any warning to the subject being inspected and initiated, other than planning, and information and complaints of citizens, competing firms, media notices or other sources.

The metrological inspection cooperates closely with the market surveillance authorities in our country, in particular with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy.

The structures cooperate with associations and organizations that protect the consumers, and organizes public awareness campaigns.

The customer is begged not to enter into trading relationships with traders using unmanaged gauge instruments by the DPM. Please report to DPM all abuses you come across in the field of metrology.