Quality managment

Quality Management System – QMS

 On behalf of the Republic of Albania, DPM is a signatory of the International Agreement of the International Committee on Weights and Measures for the mutual recognition of national measurement standards, calibration certificates and measurement results issued by the National Institutes of Metrology (CIPM MRA). Mutual recognition of certificates under the CIPM MRA is based on confidence in the performance of the SMC, supported by the positive results of international laboratory comparisons measurements (ILC), in which the DPM regularly participates. To increase confidence, the DPM Quality Management System was peer-reviewed in February 2019 by an international audit team within the EURAMET Technical Committee for Quality. The national metrology institutions (members of EURAMET) involved in this project expressed their full confidence in the DPM Quality Management System and its ability to meet the requirements of the CIPM MRA Agreement. Each year, DPM reports to the EURAMET Quality Committee (EURAMET TC-Q) on the performance of the DPM Quality Management System.

In 17-18 April 2019, DPM successfully presented its SMC based on the revised of SSH ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard and the CIPM MRA requirements. Full confidence given to DPM SMC, is an achievement and success for the Albanian metrology as it consists of the international recognition of DPM and the fulfillment of the prerequisite for declaring measurement and calibration capabilities (CMC) according to its areas of measurements.


The DPM has published measuring and calibration capabilities in the international database (BIPM KCDB) for the Mass measurements and soon will be publishing CMCs for Pressure and Volume measurements.

This presentation will be expanded with other DPM laboratories, such as length and temperature, in the short term future.


DPM Quality Policy

The aim of the DPM quality policy is to serve the national metrology system in the Republic of Albania and to meet the long-term needs of the country; to provide internationally recognized metrology services for areas of importance to the country economy; DPM implements and continuously maintains the Quality Management System in order to strengthen its confidence based on the requirements and principles of SSH EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and of the CIPM MRA. In connection with this, the General Director of DPM has issued the Quality Policy Declaration.