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Metrology is the science of measurement and constitutes one of the components of the quality infrastructure needed in any developed country as it has a significant impact on standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment and plays a key role in consumer protection and growth the quality of life of citizens.

Since it is the science of measurement and their application, metrology includes three areas known as scientific metrology, industrial metrology and legal metrology.

Scientific metrology deals with the organization and development of measurement standards (standards) and their maintenance (highest level).
Industrial metrology consists in the application of industry measurement science, manufacturing process and testing to ensure the proper functioning of measurement instruments and quality in the measurements performed.
Legal metrology is related to the activity deriving from regulated areas for measurement units, methods and instruments of measurements in trade transactions, consumer protection, health protection, public safety and the environment.
The national metrology system in the Republic of Albania is directed and coordinated by the General Directorate of Metrology and includes labs of national etalons, calibration laboratories, testing laboratories and authorized legal entities for conducting legal metrology activity. The basics of this system are set out in Law no. 9875, dated 14.02.2012 “On Metrology” as revised, as well as the acts for its implementation.

The General Directorate of Metrology is a legal entity specialized in metrology, based in Tirana and organized in 4 regional centers and develops its activity in support of Law no. 9875, dated 14.02.2008 “On metrology”, as well as the by-laws in its implementation. DPM is a specialized institution that possesses the skills and expertise needed to be used as a reference for all measurement transmissions in Albania and works for the development of three metrology courses in our country: scientific metrology, industrial and legal metrology.

The mission of the General Directorate of Metrology is:

Maintain and use the national measurement units of measurement;
To protect consumers by organizing control of measuring instruments in the fields of official and commercial transactions, health protection, environment and technical security, as well as quantitative control of pre-packages; Provide calibration services to manufacturers and users of metering tools to be competitive in the domestic and overseas market.
DPM’s activity policy is the development of a national metrology system harmonized with European standards to meet the needs of the country, harmonization of procedures and technical rules of measurement measurement with the aim of eliminating technical barriers to the free movement of goods, and enhancing the quality of life of Albanian citizens. For the implementation of the Law “On Metrology”, the General Directorate of Metrology performs duties and functions in the field of metrology in relation to:

  • implementation of the National Metrology Strategy;
  • improvement of legislation on metrology;
  • holds some of the national measurement standards in its laboratories;
  • monitors the manner of keeping, storing and using national measurement standards;
  • performs the legal control of measuring instruments;
  • performs quantitative control of pre-packaged products and bottles as measuring containers;
  • authorizes legal persons for the verification of measuring instruments, metrological expertise, as well as natural or legal persons for the repair of measuring instruments;
  • performs metrological inspection;
  • conducts market surveillance of measuring instruments;
  • serves as a national reference for the national accreditation system of calibration laboratories for measuring abilities and standards;
  • represents the Republic of Albania in international metrology organizations;

History of Metrology