Pjesmarje e specialisteve te DPM-se ne Projekte kerkimore-shkencore ne fushen e metrologjise.

korrik 7, 2017
“Hyrje në Mbikqyrjen e Tregut të Instrumenteve Matës dhe Kontrolli i produkteve të parapaketuara”
shkurt 28, 2018

Iska Kolaveri (Spahiu) – General Directorate of Metrology (DPM) in Albania.

EURAMET (European Association of National Metrology Institutes) through its metrology research programme EMPIR awarded to her an “Researcher Mobility Grant” related to the research project 15RPT03-RMG02 HUMEA.
The period time that Iska Kolaveri (Spahiu) worked like researcher  in the laboratories of CMI, Czech Republic was from January to the end of September 2017.

“The mobility grant was a good opportunity for me and for my institute, DPM in Albania for capacity building  in Humidity field. It was a good period time like researcher  in  Czech Republic, as well as allowed me to participate on January 2017 in the training and in the  M9 Meeting at the  Faculty of Electrical Engineering  in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  Also i have  participated in workshop and in the M18 Meeting in INRIM, Turin, Italy, on October 2017.”

Homogeneity of the small humidity chamber laserway have been researched and analysed at different conditions, like different pressure, different sensors, different positions, different flow rate and different design. The uncertainty contribution sources were assessed and taken into account.
There are a lot of proposes for the upgrade of the chamber in collaboration with CMI, but the last best solution was to have a smaller area inside the humidity chamber with a smaller spry jet.

RMG work on the Connection of the small humidity chamber with mixing generator created from CMI

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